Company Profile

Uni-Corporation is a HongKong based company dedicated to the R&D and application of environmentally friendly polymer materials  in response to "green, low-carbon energy" theme of the times.  

Our goal is to create the best eco-friendly products to meet the growing environmental needs of our customers. In order to achieve our goal, we carefully select the best collaborators in different segments to cooperate closely with us, and use our advanced technologies and concepts to help our partners to better meet the needs of our customers.


Product Concept

WPC and PVC construction materials are often used as a substitute for solid wood in the outdoor building materials and decoration industry. Despite the many drawbacks of WPC and PVC materials, there is a lack of effective alternative materials on the market that promise stable physical and chemical properties while providing excellent outdoor performance.

The birth of UniWood will break the monopoly of WPC and PVC products on the wood-based materials market for outdoor building materials. UniWood is an innovative polymeric material that is completely free from toxic substances that are harmful to humans (eg PVC, waste wood waste from WPC and recycled plastic) and is an environmentally friendly material that can be completely recycled.


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